Why evening desert safari is fun


If one thinks about evenings what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course the day light getting mixed with the night light. Evenings are a thing which relaxes one’s soul. It is that time of the day when you really feel like relaxing after a tiring day, because I guess everyone deserves some rest at the end of the day after staying busy the whole day at work.

evening desert safari

But what if these evenings are spent in a desert that also in the famous desert of Dubai that is Desert safari Dubai. Just imagine the amount of peace you will get y seeing the darkness of the night covering the brightness of the day. The redness of the sun getting mixedwith the redness of the sand dunes. What a moment it would be.

Have you ever tried finding the specialty of evening desert safari in Desert Safari Dubai?
Let me tell you the reason behind evening desert safari’spopularity in Desert Safari Dubai. The reason is sunsets. Sunsets in a desert can be the best combo one could have here at evening desert safari. You must have seen a lot of sunsets on a daily basis but you must not have seen it deserts or if you have seen it before so you must be aware about the feeling that you get after seeing sunsets in deserts. When the sun starts getting hide in the red sand dunes of desert safari the view at that time cannot be described in words. You can also take number of beautiful pictures of it to update your social media.

After the sunsets there are some unique activities here at evening desert safari that also contributes in evening desert safari’s popularity-
Quad biking-
Have you ever get an experience of riding on a four wheeled ride that is a quad bike and that also in a desert? Quad bike is a four wheeled ride which is famous for riding in deserts and the fun gets doubled if you are riding it on the sand dunes of desert safari Dubai. It is a very thrilling activity and people who love thrilling activities puts quad biking on the first of their preference list here at evening desert safari. Firstly you are provided with professional guidance and then only you are allowed to go for it.

Dune Bashing-
Like quad biking, it is also a kind of thrilling activity and is a must try.

morning dune bashing

Camel riding-
It is the most calm yet the best activity here at desert safari. Riding on a camel in desert safari can be a lot of fun but to experience that fun you have to visit desert safari. Our guides present there will make you comfortable on a camel before you go for the ride.

These were the activities that you can get in an evening desert safari.


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